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Subject: Surun ver

I am a new Surun user.  A bit intimidated by the power of the program and the German website I saw the new documentation for version, read a lot of posts on the Wilder's forum, set a restore point and bravely went ahead.  My first try was on a machine I intend to give to charity soon though!

I am most pleasantly suprised and want to feed back why.  I also indentify what I believe is a minor bug in the installation process:

1.  In all the miriad of details on Wilder's and Kay's web site I was not actually sure the program would be in English.  Very nice surprise to find it in carefully worded English with very clear pop-ups - great job.

2.  I found the program much easier to set and understand than I expected.  I especially like the smiley face icon turning red whenever an admin level program is running on your LUA account - it's like PrivBar which gives you green for LUA level and red for Admnisitrators in IE.  Also it's very cute - this is what I would expect on Mac software....

3.  I set it up on a Pe3 800 mgz machine with 512 MB Ram running XP.  Another pleasant surprise was that even on this "old clunker" there have been no big slowdowns running programs in Admin mode udner Surun, compared to using Runas Spc which seems to take quite a while to open a program.

4.  Minor bug on install?  When I was installing it I filled out the first screen and hit the button to choose the options for home users.  That seemed fine even though I wasn't quite sure what I was doing!  However when I clicked the other tab where you set User level permissions I clicked on the box "Hide Surun settings from User".  I wasn't really trying to set anything, I just wanted to see if other sub-options came up.  Now I realize of course that I hadn't specied a user account so this option wasn't available.

The problem:  As soon as I clicked on the box "Hide Surun Setting from User" a box popped up informing me that Surun was now installed and a reboot was required.  The reboot button was the only one available, there was no "cancel" or "back" button.  This is not a major bug of course but it is unnerving to have the program jump to the end of the install before you have clicked OK!

More later,  I am very glad to be trying this - I have used an LUA account for quite a while and have tried Steel RunAs and RunasSPC.  I liked RunAs Spc because it works well but it is quite tedious to set up.  The whole approach used in Surun is amazingly simpler.

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Hi DW,

Quote by dwalker:
Minor bug on install?

Yes, this indeed was a bug. The "Set recommended Settings for home users" button enabled the check boxes on page two, even if no users were in the SuRunners group. This caused to crash SuRun Settings.

Thanks for reporting! :-)

BTW: "SuRun Settings" (like most SuRun user interfaces) run on a "safe" desktop. So what you did see was no pop up. The desktop has been closed due to the crash and the Installation program asked to reboot.

Quote by dwalker:
The reboot button was the only one available, there was no "cancel" or "back" button.

I lowered this restriction with SuRun
The current release candidate is here
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