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error "Desktop creation failed"
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Subject: error "Desktop creation failed"

I've tried SuRun with standard user setup under Win 8.1 and SuRun v1213rc1 (and older).

After some time and opening some windows, often using browser, I cannot use more SuRun: when I click on the SuRun tray icon or StartAs programs always having error:

"Desktop creation failed"

... and SuRun's window did not appear.

I tried witn no blurred desktop option.

I didn't understand why ... :

my pc (Intel I3 ..) have lot of memory free (seems not an hardware problem);

have tried with Avast and Avira antivirus (i've listen some trouble with Avast ...);

my browser is Palemoon / Firefox 27.x / 59.x (portable)

my firewall ... Private Firewall 7.x.

When error appears I tried cleaning memory tools but nothing to do ...

Pheraps surun interfer with win graphic resources (API) ? There is any trick by registry to use ?

Please, can help me ?
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usually SuRun cannot create it's safe Desktop, when a HIPS prevents this.
For that scenario SuRun is able to either use the Desktop of Winlogon or to create it's own one.
You'll find the option in the Setup on the last TAB "DON'T use WinLogon's desktop. Create an own safe desktop instead.".

Did this help?



Another chance is a resource leak on your system.
You may have plenty resources left, but creating a desktop requires space from the GDI heap.
Process Explorer can show you your free resources while your system runs.
So you can detect leaks easily.
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