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SuRun hacks the secure desktop
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Subject: SuRun hacks the secure desktop
I have Windows 7 Pro with UAC on, and logged in with a domain account. SuRun

I have found that SuRun replaces the standard secure desktop dialog:


with its own (similar to but not the same to the one on the picture):


it does that not only for applications executed with SuRun, but for ALL applications that need elevated rights.

Question: Is it possible to revert this and leave the SuRun dialog only for programs run via SuRun?

I am "a little nervous" about the modified secure desktop. At first, the secure desktop is supposed to be one of the most sensitive parts of Windows. At second, if there's any bug in SuRun, it can cause serious problems.

Thank you,
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Subject: Solution
I solved it by changing the SuRun advanced settings:

Settings > check Show SuRun settings for experienced users, and then
Settings > Execution Hooks > uncheck "Set a Hook into all processes that directly execute applications"

I've also unchecked

Settings > Execution Hooks > "Install filter to intercept program execution of the Windows user interface".

Now SuRun does (or seems to do) exactly what I want it to do, and nothing more.
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Don't worry.
SuRun does not replace UAC.
It tries to pop in before UAC, because it can run things automatically, where UAC would ask you what you want.
For example, if you got a program that says it requires elevation, but in fact does not, then SuRun can run the program without elevation and UAC never ever will.
Also you can tell SuRun to auto elevate programs without asking you.
You can't do that with UAC, so SuRun must pop in before UAC, what looks like replacing the safe desktop to you.
Just press cancel in SuRun an you will see the UAC desktop pop in.
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