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Surun and Trusteer Rapport - Need to add to Blacklist
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Betreff: Surun and Trusteer Rapport - Need to add to Blacklist

We have been running Surun and Trusteer Rapport (Emerald Build 1208.41 and earlier) quite happily on our system for a long time.  Recently installed a new Rapport Emerald Build 1302.44  - also renamed Trusteer Endpoint Protection.

[For those who don't know, Rapport is software for protection against screen capture, keylogging, and much else, during online financial transactions and banking, while using an internet browser).

The first sign of trouble with the new build of Rapport's compatibility with Surun were regular Windows messages 'Your computer is running low on memory ...' I eventually traced this to Trusteer's RapportService exe consuming around 1GB (yes, gigabyte) of memory on a browser startup.

Anyway, in short, under Surun advanced options under the  Execution hooks tab there is an option for "'Set a hook into processes that directly execute applications' (This option may cause incompatibilities..... if so add to blacklist)'".  I added RapportService exe and RapportMgtService.exe to the Surun blacklist, so that no hook was set for them.

This has resolved the excessive memory usage by the Rapport Service.  Please don't ask me why?  :-).

I have reported this new incompatibility to Trusteer Support, along with my solution - before they start blacklisting  the wonderful Surun program! I did this particularly because they were in the middle of investigating my problem using Rapport log files, before I realised it was a Surun issue.

Trusteer's compatibility page… lists many programs as incompatible with Rapport (Sandboxie, Geswall etc.).  But it also has the proviso: The Following 3rd Party software packages may require certain actions when installing or using Rapport. Please click on one of the links below for more information:. I trust that, if needed, they will be able to add Surun to the list, with the actions needed for compatibility.

I thought it best to make a report here.

Thank you, again and again, for Surun.

With best wishes, Andrew.
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Hello Andrew,

thanks for your detailed report.

Users running into the same problem will appreciate your help. :-)


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