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hardware installation as adm
different profiles and updating apps
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Subject: hardware installation as adm
I have the adm profile and the normal user account on winxp notebook.
I would like to know if  an application that can be just  installed with full privilege( and this is most time of mine) could risk administator to have not updated version of that app?
I mean:could it be contradiction to update for security reason both as adm and as sun ra full privilege?
Should I remove these programs and then install them just as sunra adm in simple user account profile?

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Sorry for the late answer.

In short: It depends.

  • If you install an application for all users, the admin account has the same updated versions as you user.
  • If you install an application twice, in the local profile for the user and in the local profile for the admin, the admin get's no updates installed by the user an vice versa.
  • If you don't set the windows Policy "Set 'Administrators' instead of 'Object creator' as default owner for objects created by Administrators" and install a Program for all users with the standard user account running as SuRun-Admin, then the non privileged user (and Malware running in his account) will be able to manipulate installed programs for all users (even the admin).

Did that answer you question?
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