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Elevated Rights on Startup
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Subject: Binisoft Windows Firewall Control
Hi. I have a Windows Vista SP2 laptop. I have Binisoft WFC set to start up at login with the settings of automatically starting with elevated rights and not asking for a password. However, it simply starts up without elevated rights. I've tried using WinPatrol to start WFC on delay instead. With that method, I am prompted for a password to start with elevated rights when it should be automatic. I'm unsure if it has something to do with Microsoft Security Essentials taking too long to initiate. Once I close WFC after startup and then relaunch it manually, it starts correctly with elevated rights without prompting for a password. Thanks,

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I guess that the AutoRun of WFC is run from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
If yes, these AutoRuns are launched by the system, not by explorer and SuRun will not detect this.

To run WFC with SuRun, put "C:\Windows\SuRun.exe " before WFC AutoRun registry Key.
This will force WFC to be started by SuRun.exe.
E.g.: If the original command line for WFC would be "C:\Program files\WFC\WFC.EXE", replace it with "C:\Windows\SuRun.exe ""C:\Program files\WFC\WFC.EXE""" (You need to quote spaces!).
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