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SuRun on Win7+UAC
Redundant, Complementing or Replacement?
Gaurav #1
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Subject: SuRun on Win7+UAC

First off, I'd like to thank Kay for the superb SuRun, as I am a long time and overall pleased user on Windows XP systems with a LUA+SRP setup, thanks to guides created by some great folk on the wilders-security forum.

Recently I purchased Windows 7 x64, and I am trying to understand if installing SuRun is useful when configuring Windows 7 with UAC to maximum, and using only a Standard User Account. For example, without SuRun: when installing something, I need to pick the UAC- Run as Administrator when starting the setup, and it provides me with a dialog to enter an admin password.

This works, but the admin password is of a different (Admin) account than the Standard User Account, and this is where I'm confused as I am reminded of the RunAs feature that was already available in WinXP. SuRun was a definite improvement over that approach, because with SuRun, installations would still be done in the user profile of the LUA. So I'm not sure how to interpret UAC's usefullness in-here.

So the questions really are, to anyone who already knows:
- does SuRun have any value over UAC in the above situation?
- Is it still an excellent replacement (while turning off UAC), or could it even replace UAC without comprimising Win7's security (as the underlying architecture has no doubt changed from WinXP).
- Or would you say it can complement UAC, meaning I should utilize both, and if so, what shortcomings of each other do they complement?

I hope anyone can create a clear reference for this comparison, because I'm probably not the first wanting to know this. I'm sorry to say I don't speak/understand german well enough, but I did manage to do a search on this forum first! (armed with google translate)
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In my experience, it's better to use both:
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Subject: SuRun on Win7+UAC

I run Win7 Pro 64-bit and I run as a standard user with UAC enabled with Max settings.  SuRun will complement UAC... do not disable UAC as many other things depend on it (I.E. Protected mode is just one example).

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