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Existing Accounts and Installing SuRun
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Subject: Existing Accounts and Installing SuRun
I would like to install SuRun.  Currently, I have one account with administrator's rights and two limited user accounts.  I would like to place the two limited user accounts into the SuRunners group and leave the Admin account alone.  My question:  Do I have to convert the limited user accounts to administrator accounts before installing SuRun or can I leave them be?  Thanks in advance.
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After installing SuRun you will find in the 2nd tab of the SuRun settings dialog the possibility to add users to the SuRunners Group. You will add the limited accounts, no need to convert them to admins beforehand. In the contrary, it would be contra productive to add an admin account to the SuRunners group; an admin has limited privileges anyway. Being a SuRunner means, that a limited user has the option to start a certain program with elevated rights.

A member of the SuRunners group has (at least) 2 memberships: he is still a limited user and a SuRunner. An admin can only get a SuRunner if he also gets converted to a limited user; normally not a good idea to do that.

Hope that helps.
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