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Need to change Owner ?
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Having just read the above post #146 I have some concerns about "the owner". My pc appears to have been set up with an administrator account and my name both with admin rights. As I had already set up my name account and all programs the way I wanted I simply installed SuRun to my name and added my name to the SuRunner group.

Is it really beneficial now for me to follow the advice in the wilders post - to change the owner or does version cover this ?  I have system images have no problem experimenting. The actions suggested in the wilders post #146 are quite clear and should not be difficult to impliment. So my question is will doing this add to security WITHOUT any loss of functionality ? I assume that if I make these changes I will have no way of knowing  (unless anything goes wrong) if there is any benefit ?
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The way you set up your pc makes Your Name the owner of all objects; this has nothing to do with SuRun. The relevant SuRun setting is only relevant for newly created objects.

The consequence: Being te owner of all files in the system and the system wite reg keys would mean, that any malware in this account can do what it wants without limitations. So you must follow the advices of tlu.

Or .... (IMO the better way): Create a new account and make it a SuRunner. You can use the build-in wizard for transporting the settings and files to at least partially copy them from Your Name account.

Then make the Your Name account again an Admin account. This has another security related advantage: There should always be 2 admin accounts, the predefined one named "Administrator" and your own one for administrative tasks. The predefinded one is meant only as a backup in case the other Admin account gets broken; out of this reason the predefinded account is normally hidden. If you can see it on the Welcome screen, it is an alarm sign.
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