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Adding Active Directory Groups to surunners
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Subject: Adding Active Directory Groups to surunners
Would it be possible to add Active Directory groups to the SuRunners group?   Although I could not do this in the GUI, I was able to get some success adding an AD group by specifying the group in the  [User0] section of the ini file and importing the INI during installation.  Surun worked but none of the Advanced settings were applied for the users in the AD group. BTW SuRun is shaping into a must have, thanks.
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Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation.
To make SuRun work with AD Groups as users I'd need to change a lot in SuRuns clockwork.

Currently SuRun looks for user settings HKLM\Security\SuRun\<Computer/Domain>\User.
I need to add an Option to lookup HKLM\Security\SuRun\<Computer/Domain>\Group as well.
But this needs to be done with care to avoid potential risks or confusion.
Perhaps I should think about storing SuRuns Settings directly in AD... but this still is fiction.

I'll try to make SuRun work with user groups as soon as I have enough spare time.
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