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Subject: error "Desktop creation failed"

I've tried SuRun with standard user setup under Win 8.1 and SuRun v1213rc1 (and older).

After some time and opening some windows, often using browser, I cannot use more SuRun: when I click on the SuRun tray icon or StartAs programs always having error:

"Desktop creation failed"

... and SuRun's window did not appear.

I tried witn no blurred desktop option.

I didn't understand why ... :

my pc (Intel I3 ..) have lot of memory free (seems not an hardware problem);

have tried with Avast and Avira antivirus (i've listen some trouble with Avast ...);

my browser is Palemoon / Firefox 27.x / 59.x (portable)

my firewall ... Private Firewall 7.x.

When error appears I tried cleaning memory tools but nothing to do ...

Pheraps surun interfer with win graphic resources (API) ? There is any trick by registry to use ?

Please, can help me ?
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