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Subject: User settings reset after computer name changes
Hello All,

Looking for a little help with an issue we have run across.  We are trying to use SuRun on our golden images for a group of computers.  However, when we change the computer name to sysprep the computer, the settings for the local admin and user are reset to default. 

Example is settings for computerA\localuser are lost when we rename the computer to computerB, it seems that SuRun sees it as computerB\localuser and thinks its a new user with default settings.

We are able to restore the settings manually using the /restore <settings.ini> options but this does not work well when we are trying to automate our deployment.  We have tried creating a batch file to restore the settings after the system is renamed but get an error that "You must be member of the local Administrators group to import SuRun Settings."

The question then, is there a way to prevent the settings being lost or to script the /restore to run when the systems are imaged and renamed?

We are using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Build 1607. These systems are not domain joined.
SuRun version

Thanks for any help on this.
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